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10 March 2016 @ 20:48
So I haven't posted on here in foooooorever....but I saw this on ohnotheydidnt and needed to freak out.

So then I checked Liam's insta and loooooook:

Look out Liam, Kimberley is coming for you
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This is weird.

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09 September 2015 @ 21:08
...as a featured artist.

Shane Filan and Nadine Coyle – I Could Be
'I Could Be' a duet with Nadine Coyle taken from 'Right Here' - the brand new album from Shane Filan, coming September 25th.

Her smile. Her voice. Her HAIR!

Poor Aggross Santos feat Kimbozo Walsh!
02 September 2015 @ 18:21

Shrekberley Walsh Wants Kids' Playdate With Nadine Coyle

-Shrekberley Walsh feat her child.

Kimberley Walsh wants her son to have a playdate with Nadine Coyle's daughter, even though she hasn't seen her former Girls Aloud bandmate since they split two years ago.

The 33-year-old singer hasn't seen her former bandmate since Girls Aloud split two years ago but she is keen for her 11-month-old son Bobby to be friends with the Irish star's little girl, 18-month-old Anaiya.


S!YYY, do you want Nadine to forgive Shrekberley?????
Does Shrekberley deserve Nadine's forgiveness?!
23 August 2015 @ 11:01
Hey all,

I made this a while back cause the official Popstars DVD is kind of lacking. I put in all the audition videos and weekly performances (and judges comments) that I could find. I drunkenly watched a bunch of this last night, I'm fairly proud of it. I mean, all I did was put things in order.

I think I'm missing Cheryl's performance of Nothing Compares 2 U, and bunches of judges comments, so if anyone knows of where to find them, or knows how to upload videos that I could add, let me know!