thesupernova17 (thesupernova17) wrote in sexyyesyesyes,

Cheryl Payne?

So I haven't posted on here in foooooorever....but I saw this on ohnotheydidnt and needed to freak out.

So then I checked Liam's insta and loooooook:

Look out Liam, Kimberley is coming for you
 photo kimbdastab.gif

 photo kimbashand.gif

This is weird.

 photo ilf58h.gif
Tags: what in the fuck
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I still can't believe that this is a thing that's happening.
this trick and this sadddddd publicity stunt!!! i hope it makes the UK hate her even more.
I think it's so weird but Liam seems way into her more at least on social media

But I don't think it's weird that Liam was 14 when they first met on X-Factor. It's not like she preyed upon him when he was much younger.

I just wish she would change her name back to Tweedy or Cole. She's not famous enough to go by just one name tbh
this is the most embarassing pr relationship ever
She truly has a terrible taste in men, even if it's just for PR.